kick me in the face please

so I had some amazing longer runs last week…then BAM! Sciatica.  Saturday morning I hobbled a bit while running on the treadmill.  So I got myself bundled up and headed outside to run, but it only got worse.  I finished with about 4 miles total and came home to wallow in self pity.  After finally finding my foam roller hiding behind a coat rack, I rolled the hell out of my hips and back, but it didn’t help.  I started on some ibuprofen, but again, it didn’t seem to do much good until Sunday afternoon.  I started to feel better and get optimistic.  I foam rolled some more and was walking like a normal person.  But then I woke up and felt the stabbing pain again.  So I popped in a workout dvd and worked my arms til they were shaking.  I could barely put on my deodorant.  And it wasn’t even THAT hard of a workout.  I use to do it often, but I guess I’m a little out of practice.  So I am back to being pissy about it and not in a mood for holiday indulgences.  My chiro is not open today, but she is tomorrow.  Hopefully she will not shame me for not going for a year and squeeze me in sometime.  Otherwise, I will unhappily hobble my way through the holidays. Actually, I am not in that bad of a mood, just a tad frustrated and still not as into the holiday spirit as usual.

Tomorrow is my annual appt with my OB/GYN and he is moving at the end of the month to MN.  I was oddly sad to read his letter about the move.  I guess I had always pictured him delivering all of my kids.  Plus you get an oddly sentimental attachment to the person who first holds your child.   After that, I am off of work, but will return for the Christmas potluck.  Then I will chill at home with the kiddos for the next few days..of course going to my parents for festivities on the eve and Xmas afternoon.  I’m excited for Red to open her presents.  Its a toss up as to whether E will be awake for that part. haha.

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