I am the spaghetti

Finally got through that long stretch of work.  I ended up running 37 miles last week with one full rest day on Saturday and a sort of rest day on Wednesday in which I ran only 2 miles.  Yesterday was a good running day.  I slept in until 6 and ran 5 miles.  Then when RKY woke up, I went outside to run.  When is the last time I did that?  I seriously don’t know, sometime in early September or maybe even August.  It was just a 2 mile loop but I was flying.  And my hands were freezing.  Sort of forgot how cold they get when you run in the winter.  By flying, I mean I averaged 7:25 over just 2 miles (7:32 and (7:16).  My old definition of flying is more like 6:30s.  But no matter.  I was stoked to run that fast and to have it feel fairly effortless.  Today I am sore in some spots that were apparently neglected by treadmill running.   I ran 6.25 today, all treadmill, as my weekday runs will be until E establishes a consistent schedule.

I have been eating pretty terribly.  My sugar addiction is out of control.  I should probably go cold turkey but there’s really no way in hell I want to do that.  I just want to cut back on the sugar and start eating healthier.  I am doing better at getting in veggies and drinking my V-8s.  My weight is slightly less than pre-pregnancy (yay breastfeeding) but my stomach is pretty marshmallowy.  I blame the sugar.  And the fact that it’s only been 10 weeks since it was big.  Time and less sugar should get me those abs back, I hope.  Then again, no one really sees my abs, so eh.  I figure I will let that go after baby #3 and just not give a sh#t.  But for now, I still sort of care.

Though I have no races, I am looking up some half marathon training plans, just to give me some ideas for speed work and other ways to get faster.  Hal Higdon’s all seem too low mileage for my taste.  I think I will give his marathon advanced one a try for my next marathon, whenever that is.

This past weekend was pretty fun with the fam.  Friday night we saw Santa at the fire station.  Saturday night we went to another Christmas walk and met Rudolph, did some shopping, and watched fireworks.  Sunday we got our angel tree shopping done and I tried to tell Red about what we were doing.  It seems weird to say, “hey these toys are for poor kids and we aren’t poor.  And don’t even ask why Santa doesn’t bring them enough presents.”

This week, I plan on forcing myself to run faster.  Just trying to race through the work week so we can party all weekend.  By party, I mean play with the kids and maybe go to a bake sale.

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