freakin weekend

Well I called the dr and got my appointment moved up a week which was a good move.  I had some sort of abcess in my incision so he reopened it and I have to drain it twice a day.  It’s the grossest thing ever but it’s made a huge difference in how I feel.  I am also on meds for infection.  They can cause diarrhea in infants (how can you tell, it’s all watery?) so I have to pump and dump sometimes when the medicine is at peak levels.  I also mix new milk with thawed milk to dilute it a bit.  It’s a job, but, hey, I am not working right now.  Well except for next week.  I have to secretly work for a few hours on things.

E is still very sleepy.  This worries me, but I also don’t want to complain.  When she is awake, most the time she seems pretty unhappy lately.  😦  she grunts and is in pain from gas.  At least she hasn’t found her cry voice yet.  It’s mostly just grunting.  We have gas drops and anti colic mam bottles, so those should help too.  I might need to cut out dairy.  She has slept “through the night” for the past three nights which is effing crazy for a three week old.  Red still doesn’t sleep through the night.  She was still waking up about 4 times a night at this stage.

I have been super lazy but I really want this incision to heal up nicely.  I hope to go on a solo walk today, just chill out and listen to some music, see how it feels.  I go back to the dr on Tuesday and will see when I can run/walk again.

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