Well i have a short time frame of being able to write this.  Red is at babysitter’s, (much to her chagrin) and E is napping.  I finally put her down after holding her for almost 2 hours.  I have been busy with Red lately and wanted to make it up to E, as if she notices.

So is the 2nd one easier?  I can’t say yet.  It’s only been 2 weeks.  Feels like forever ago.  E is still a sleepy baby.  I keep waiting for that to change.  I think it will happen soon. She usually has a longer awake period in the morning and then one before bed.  Last night she slept from 8:30-1:30 and then woke up at 4 and 6:30.  I think she’s going through a little growth spurt.

She is a little cranky after her feedings which we attribute to gas.  So we started to using gas drops and found some bottles that she really likes, MAM.  I need to order more of them.  She will take a binky for a while, but usually spits it out after a few minutes.  she likes being swaddled up tight.  RKY is better at that than I am, so I use the swaddle blankets with velcro.

I am getting enough sleep despite waking up twice a night to pump and once whenever she wakes up.  She’s pretty good about eating and dozing back to sleep.  RKY goes back to work in 2 days, so I am trying to figure out what my new schedule will be since I will need to shower and get ready before Red wakes up which is anywhere from 6:45-8 am.  I will have to figure out a schedule again after I start running.  By then, E should be more predictable.

So I don’t feel any closer to running than I did last week.  I am still popping my pain pills.  I am almost out of the strong stuff.  Then I have a ton of extra strength ibuprofen.  I really need to ask my dr next week why I am so much worse off than last time.  I’m sure RKY is getting sick of hearing me whine, but I really am sore all the time.  Especially in the morning.  I want to start going on regular walks tomorrow, but I am not sure I can even handle that at this point.  😦  last time I was running 3 weeks pp.  This time could be 6 wks or more.  It’s not really the not running part that’s bothering me.  I just want to feel halfway normal again.  Being able to stand up without hurting or getting out of bed without grimacing in pain.  I need to be able to wrangle my 3 yr old.

Speaking of her… she’s been very helpful and loves her sister.  But she cannot figure out how to handle a baby.  It’s very rough and it’s huge sloppy kisses all of the time.  Bouncing on the couch next to her, trying to pick her up, and moving her head around.  I hope she picks it up soon, because right now, I cannot leave to go to the next room with the two of them together.
Anyways, we will see how it goes over the next week and hope my incision feels better before my appointment on Tuesday.

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