Welp just sitting here with baby #2 in my ktan wrap.  Not sure she is in there right.  This thing is a little more complicated than I expected.

so going back…I did my last run on Monday morning.  I got in 7.25 miles on the treadmill.  Then I headed to my last Dr’s appt.  It was pretty pointless though I did learn that I had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am.  Then we had a fun day with Red doing…something?  I can’t remember.  too many drugs since then.  I know I finally headed in to work around 5 p.m.  Cleaned my office for an hour and a half.  Came home and quick ate a cheeseburger and walked to the ice cream store before my fast had to begin.  I told Red that Mama would be there when she woke up.  Slept not great because contractions started and a steady “bloody show” began.  They were still pretty far apart though.

Got to the hospital and checked in.  They took me to a delivery room suite to get prepped.  Unfortunately, I got moved afterwards.  Nurses started coming at me in all directions, it made me very anxious.  I got an IV, got blood drawn, hooked up to monitors.  Finally got catheter and that burned so bad.  I about had a panic attack while I waited for the doctor.  I rested for a bit then met with Dr and anesthesiologist.  He asked me questions and then the nurses walked me to the OR.  More people were in there getting all set up.  I climbed up on the table and had to hug a pillow. Mr Dr stood in front and hugged me to hold me still during the spinal block.  Didn’t feel much but burning and electrical shocks as they tested it.  Laid down and he pricked me with a needle up and down my tummy to check feeling.  Then RKY entered and they raised the curtain.

I didn’t feel much as he reopened my incision.  He said he cut out some scar tissue.  Then he asked if I was ready, well duh.  Some tugging and pulling and then he said, She looks like her sister.  RKY looked over the curtain and said her head was out.  More pulling and tugging and I started to feel nauseous.  She was out.  They cleaned her up and RKY was looking and telling me what she weighed etc.  (6lbs 14 oz)  Then things got bad for me.  I felt really sick and the pressure was almost unbearable.  RKY kept telling me to just look at the baby who was now in his arms.  I had to grip the table sides and close my eyes so I wouldn’t pass out.  The anestheologist said he gave me nausea medicine.  I still felt like passing out.  So much pressure.  It was so much worse than last time.  I don’t think he gave me enough spinal block?  He said, theyre putting the uterus back in and then it’ll feel better.  It did feel somewhat better.  Finally they put staples in me and I don’t remember much about going back to the room.  The nurses were caring for her when I got there.  They let me do skin to skin and try to breastfeed for a bit.  Then RKY wrapped her up and said her name he chose.  I was happy with it.  She does look like her sister.  But with a smaller, more average sized head.

They wheeled me to a different room which was much smaller and blah.  The next couple days were boring and uncomfortable.  I wanted the catheter out.  Finally got it out Wednesday morning at 1:30 which was kinda pointless.  I did get up and try to pee anyway.  It was a little hard, but eventually I got to peeing normal again.  My incision didn’t hurt much but I did take some motrin.  I eventually felt more and took a couple norcos and they have been a lifesaver since I have been home.  I pumped a lot, tried breastfeeding, had a few visitors but was mostly bored in the hospital.  Got blood taken and eventually got my IV out and unhooked from everything.  I hated being hooked to everything in bed.  We got out on Thursday around 3 pm.

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