still here

Still here.  Haven’t really felt close to labor.  Sometimes I think I am having random contractions and then I end up figuring out it’s just gas or me having to go #2 or the baby trying to stretch herself out.  I haven’t felt her since early this morning, so I am hoping to get her moving again by eating some sugar.  Just for peace of mind…and sugar.

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible sinus headache.  So instead of doing 5 miles, I went back to bed for an hour.  Then I woke up and still had time to run 3 miles.  After work I hopped back on the treadmill while I waited for my mom to bring Red home.  I managed another 2 miles.  I did 1 more mile later that night during Red’s limited Kindle time.  6 for the day… not exactly stellar, but I was happy because that meant today could be an easy day!

I was worried about waking up feeling crummy again since I coughed a lot last night.  However, I woke up and felt pretty good.  A little heavy headed.  I ran an easy 2 miles.  I hope to do 5-6 miles for my next two runs.  Take it easy a bit on Sunday (maybe) and then do a longer run on Monday.  My last day to run.  Maybe I will run twice for good measure.  I have suddenly gotten to the point where 5-6 miles feels like a lot.  I think it’s all mental, though I do feel twinges in my right hip and hamstring lately.

I hope to clean up the house majorly this weekend.  We are slobs.  I know this.  I also want to get some changing and pumping stations set up around the house.  I somehow ended up with 5 automatic breast pumps.  I think two of them are on the fritz from overusing them last go around.  Two are used ones I got in a swap, one I need to sterilize yet.  The other one is a Philips Avent one that I am not sure will work for me.  The Medelas worked best last time.  I have a Philips manual pump I need to assemble too.  That always worked well for me too, but was squeaky and obviously hard on my hand.

This weekend RKY begins his leave too (but only for 2 weeks).  So I hope we have some fun times.  Trying to plan out where I want to eat for my last big meal.  Maybe a burger from Red Robin.  Barbeque sounds good too.  Basically, anything with a lot of meat.  My last doctor’s appt is Monday morning and I’ll need to ask him what time to get the hospital and all that logistical stuff.  Also want to find out difference between spinal block and epidural and which I will be getting.  I could probably Google that.  I’m trying not to think about getting an IV, shot in my back, and catheter.  Then laying in the cold room being cut open and just waiting and waiting for baby’s cries.  Then being stuck on the table being stitched up while RKY gets to snuggle her.

Oh I just felt her move.  Sugar worked!

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