all about the pace

No signs of labor yet.  I am fine with that.  I decided my new goal was to get to 150 miles for the month of September.  That would average out to be 5 miles a day.  I am at 110 right now, so 40 more to go and t-minus 10 or 11 days til c-section. Not sure if I can/will want to run the morning of. Of course, she could come sooner, but I feel like she’s pretty happy in there.  Ran 7.3 this morning.  Outside running still gives me bellyaches, but not as brutal as before.  My right hamstring felt pretty tight which could be from the colder temps, or from my tight lower back.

RKY finally got the baby crap moved up from the basement.  He vacuumed and cleaned them up pretty good, but I am still paranoid about spiders sneaking around in it, so I am going to vacuum and clean them again this weekend.  We still need a new monitor, but it’ll be a couple of months at least before we’d use it.  We will have her in our room for probably a year, so it would just be needed for naps and while I am running and on baby duty.  I used to just put Red in her bassinet next to the treadmill and she would sleep.  She liked the noise.  Not sure how this one will react though.  Oh God, just please don’t have colic.

I told RKY to pick a name and I’ll have veto power.  I made my list ages ago, but he never looked at it.  I know what name he will probably pick though.  I am warming up to it.

Work has been OK lately.  I have gotten a lot of stuff wrapped up that I wanted to, but then something new will pop up at the last minute.  Plus I had to fill in last night for a sick person, so it was a long day for me and I feel like I haven’t seen Red enough.  I worked all last weekend so I am on my 9th day in a row of work.  Fingers crossed no one calls in sick this weekend.  Or that I suddenly learn to say no.  Except if I say no, it’s still my problem to find a sub.

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