With Red turning 3 tomorrow, I want to remember some of things we have done over the past year that have been particularly cute/noteworthy.  Unfortunately, I have terrible memory, so most of these will be recent.

She started really talking around April of this year.  A little late, but once she started, she really took off.  She talks about Brody and Noah a lot.  Her and Brody have a good time together.  She likes to wrestle with Noah too. 

This summer we went to the public pool once.  She had swimming lessons last fall, but they didn’t work out too well.  We might try again this fall, but it will be hard with #2 coming soon.  She did have fun at the pool, but I am not a fan. 

She ran her first race.  She had a lot of fun and she puts on her race shirt sometimes and we “race” down the street.

She is too big for her Smart Trike now, so we did a lot of wagon rides instead.  She doesn’t seem to want to pedal her other trike. 

We caught lots of bugs this summer.  We caught a katydid and named it tornado.  She got a bit fascinated by tornadoes after a couple of basement trips during storms and a brief viewing of parts of Twister.  (Also saw some of Jaws with my dad..yeesh)  We also caught grasshoppers, crickets, and ladybugs.  She is both fascinated by and scared of spiders.

She’s been really into Care Bears, Ghostbusters, Doc Mcstuffins, and now Ninja Turtles.  She actually really wants to go to the doctor now, but her next appointment isn’t until November.  

She started to hate her old daycare and we aren’t sure why.  She said the teachers were mean, but who knows?  We switched her to a 3 yr old preschool class and an in-home sitter.  I hope it goes well.  She chooses to wear her Ninja Turtles Pizza! shirt most days of the week.

She still loves the zoo.  We got to go one night when it was open for a special group outing.  We had unlimited rides on the carousel and train.  It was a lot of fun.   

I’m trying to think back to the winter.  It was a pretty brutal one for the Midwest.  When we did get out, we went to the pet store to see the animals or to the mall to ride on rides.  We played with playdoh a lot.  She also finally started to catch on to story time at the library.  She will sit for the entire story time now and do the craft.  Usually she wants mom or dad to color for her though.  We have checked out tons of books from the library and only had to pay for 3 so far. haha. 

Halloween is coming up and she says she wants to be a pancake.  I am not sure where that came from.  It was a ghostbuster, now I think she will want to be a ninja turtle, but really I think she would be thrilled to wear just about anything.  She talks about going to Disneyworld a lot and I really hope to take her sometime in the spring maybe?  But it will be a challenge with “new baby.”  She asks about when new baby will come, but she isn’t too interested in my belly or otherwise though she does get a kick out of hearing her heartbeat at my doctor appointments. 

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