did you hear the rattling chains in the hospital walls?

And out of nowhere came an easy 9.5 miler this morning.  I will credit that to me being a total lazyass yesterday.  Slept in until 7:30.  Played with Red, ate at Red Robin, had her birthday party, went to the mall for a new bra (finally), played with lots of new toys, went to the park for a short bit, and laid on the couch.  Woke up today feeling pretty refreshed.  Ran 2.5 on the treadmill then went outside and ended up doing almost 5.  The temp was nice and cool and my stomach and hips didn’t feel like garbage.  Finished the last 2 on the treadmill again.  After I got cleaned up, headed to my doctor’s appointment.  Going weekly now.  Baby estimated to be the same size Red was.  Another little peanut.  Only gained another half pound probably due to my extreme heartburn that makes eating very unappealing.  Except for right now.  Right now I am freakin hungry.  Gonna leave work and nosh on something.

Red’s party was a success, I suppose.  I mean, she just wanted to open presents.  And then she did the whole, barely-look-at -it and-toss-it-aside thing.  We played one Ninja Turtles pin the pizza in their mouth thing with my nephews.  (They were the only kids there).  Then we sang Happy Birthday and a few people ate cupcakes.  That was pretty much it.  I will probably have to put more effort into parties now that she is getting older.   I definitely had more fun just playing at home with all her new toys.  Even the Doc McStuffins karaoke radio that she sings along with over and over.  Makes me crack up every time.  

T minus three weeks til #2.  Oh lord, am I ready?  Please no colic!

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