You’re a swagger hound

A little late with this weekly post.  I am 34weeks 3 days “up the spout.”  Still mostly running inside on the treadmill.  Still have stomach issues in the mornings while running.  I did manage a 10 miler on Monday by running 2.5 inside, potty break, 3.5 outside, potty break, then 4 more inside on the treadmill.  I think that will be my last 10 miler.  I have planned 9 mile long runs for the next couple weeks and then 8 after that.  We will see what happens though.

My big goal for this week is to get my monthly miles total to match last month’s.  July was 186.5.  If I finish out the week with 1 mile today, (couldn’t get myself up early enough to do it this a.m.), 7 tomorrow, 7 Friday, 6.5 Saturday and then 2.5 on Sunday, I should match that total.  Then I’m going into taper mode for the last 4 weeks.  Here is the plan:

First week of Sept.

Goal: 37 miles-  9,8,7,7,6

35 miles- 9,8,6,6,6

33 miles- 8,8,6,6,5

30 miles- 8,8,6,5,3

Birth week!  Sun.- 5, Mon.- 8?  Tue- C-section @ 7a.m.(can I run before this? haha)

Red started at her new school this week.  It’s a structured 3 y.o. preschool program, so hopefully she likes it better than her daycare.  She was pretty excited about the gerbil in the room.   I met with a possible in-home daycare last night.  The hours she wants the new baby and Red are 12-4pm which still leaves a good chunk of the day uncovered.  I hate to burden my mom and sister with the other hours.  Sometimes there are no other hours, just depends on RKY’s crazy schedule that week.

I weighed 144.6 at my last appt on Monday.  (probably 143 nekkid) So I am still on track to gain the recommended 20lbs or so. Probably hit 150 before birth. I barely ate on Monday, but I made up for it yesterday.  Some days I am ravenous, other days I just feel full and disgusting all day long.   Not eating the healthiest foods lately :/  I had a hot ham and cheese from Hardees last night.  Then some of Red’s leftover chicken strips and lots of candy.  Gotta have the candy.  Craving Pepperjacks chicken burrito bowl.  Maybe tomorrow I will finally satisfy it.

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