Global Guts destroys Double Dare

Another Monday, another update.  I have had some really good runs, and some really bad ones.  Okay, I might be exaggerating when I say “really” good.  Take today, for example.  I wanted to do 10 miles.  I started on the treadmill with 3.  I actually felt pretty good for most of this part of my run.  So I went outside and then my stomach started to get all weird on me.  I must be too bouncy?  I got a side stitch but was able to run it off.  The rest of the run, it did not feel great, but not terrible either.  Most surprising was that my legs and back felt loose and good.  I was a little sad to see my pace at 8:28 for these 4.2 miles.  I came back in and finished up the run on the treadmill.  Did it all in one chunk, which I wasn’t expecting because my legs were starting to feel heavy.  I think I ended up around 8:14 pace total.  It’s hard to see that pace slow down so much from where it was earlier this summer, but not unexpected.  

My pace yesterday was actually much better.  I ran just two miles in the afternoon while Red was watching boring youtube videos about Play-doh.  My pace was 7:38.  My legs are obviously a lot looser later in the day.  

Last week I logged about 42 miles.  I remember feeling decent for Wednesday’s 8 and Friday’s 7, but Saturday was garbage.  And I was only running 6.  I logged about 13 miles on my bike last week, just riding back and forth to work.  I hope to do another longer ride before I have to give that up in September.  

Goal for this week is 40.  Next week too.  Then I’ll be in the home stretch and probably knock it down to 35 and see how it goes from there.  

IN other news… Red hates “school” AKA daycare.  Cries like a baby when we leave her.  Made me cry today.  I wore my sunglasses because I could feel the tears a coming when we pulled into the parking lot.  Hoping she gets over this soon.  

In baby news, I finally need maternity clothes, but at 6 weeks out, there’s no way I’m buying them.  Since I have no friends, I have no one to borrow from either.  I tried to find my belly band today so I wouldn’t have to zip my pants, but I couldn’t.  So I’m stuffed into these.  I hope I don’t pop my button or rip the back.  My varicose veins are still gross and now I am paranoid about blood clots, but I haven’t seen/felt any swelling.  Yesterday I felt really small and today I feel huge.  I’m pretty pale and in desperate need of a hair cut/dye job.  Not so glowing at this point.  In fact, I don’t think I ever looked glowing.  My allergies are raging right now too thanks to ragweed.  I look a mess, but oh well.   I’m not trying to impress anyone at the moment.  

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