just a note

Today’s run felt terrible.  It was also my slowest yet.  I decided not to warm up on the treadmill and just head outside before the sun came up.  My first mile was 8:47.  I immediately had a brick in my stomach and it swelled up like I had eaten something and had an allergic reaction.  Ugh.  My legs felt pretty good and warmed up after a mile and half or so, but my stomach just never got better.  I pushed myself to keep going at this unbearably slow pace and eventually made it 5 miles at avg 8:30s.  

After a quick bathroom break that seemed to alleviate the stomach problem, I hopped on the treadmill hoping to feel better and get my mileage up to 8 for the day.  Luckily, I got engrossed in an episode of Real Housewives on Hulu and ended up doing 5 more miles, with just one short water break.  Stomach and legs felt fine.  

I am thinking that more and more of my miles are going to have to be hot, humid treadmill miles. They definitely feel better on my legs and hips and allow me quick access to a bathroom.  I lost a lot of confidence on my run today, so I am hoping tomorrow’s is better.  I really want to keep running these next 7.5 weeks (or however many) til Baby arrives.   Wanted to document today so I can look back and see that I was able to run through the first few miles discomfort and still make it 10 miles.  Hopefully I will be running through another pregnancy and this will give me some insight on how it felt.  

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