Hogwarts is fictional. You do know that, don’t you?

Pregnancy hit me like a freight train last week.  Running was very cumbersome and I did not look forward to it.  My stomach felt off for the first part of the week and I was afraid it would feel like that every time I ran.  Luckily, things eased up the latter part of the week and the discomfort was mostly gone.  

I have been having some of that first tri exhaustion come creeping back too.  At night it is very hard to keep my eyes open past 9:30.  I also just feel tired after work and don’t really want to do anything, but am sort of forced to because Red needs to be entertained.  It hasn’t helped that RKY wasn’t home any nights last week.  He won’t be home any evenings this week either until Thursday, but that is when I am going to a special event at the zoo with Red.  

I felt pretty good about the 7 mile race until the week after.  One guy said he was really impressed.  Another guessed that I finished in 50 minutes.  wah wah.  Then the third guy asked why I ran so slow…..  I hate that guy anyway.  

 I ran 8 sweaty miles on the treadmill yesterday.  I didn’t hate it.  It definitely felt easier on my legs than outside running.  I really wish we had a window unit AC in that room though.  The ceiling fan moves the air a little bit, but I still sweat like a pig.  If my legs are feeling stiff and tired, this might be a better option than heading outside.  We will see what this week brings.  Week 31…

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