It’s pretty good once you get over how allergic I am to soy

So I raced on Saturday.  It was a night time race and I really wasn’t expecting it to happen.  The starting line is about .3 miles from my house, so we walked there in soupy weather at 7:30 for the little kids’ race.  Red was pretty excited, she wore the giant children’s sz medium race shirt, a GPS watch she found in my room and kept talking into, and slip on shoes.  Well we got there and found out it was sort of cancelled.  A storm cell was moving in, but I really think they would had have time to run a quarter mile race.  Instead, they were just letting kids walk/run into the finish area and put a medal on them.  So we got a medal and then Red was like, where’s the race?  So we started running and we ran back and forth through the finish area a few times.  She was pumped and thought she raced, so it turned out ok.  She was very excited to get her own bottle of water at the finish line too.  

Well the storms rolled in, complete with thunder and lightning.  We were hanging at home and I was trying to find some site or FB page with updates.  I finally found an unofficial FB page that someone who must have been near the start was updating.  The 4 miler was scheduled for 9.  At 8:45 they put on there that the races were delayed but still happening.  I was chilling on the floor doing puzzles and reading books with Red.  I quickly slapped on my bib # and timing chip, found a hat, and pranced out the door.  I was not really in a running mood because I had myself convinced the race was cancelled.  

I got to the start and there were a decent amount of people still hanging around.  It was lightning, but apparently it was safe because the one mile was finally just getting finished.  We waited for that to end and then they got the race started without any fanfare at around 9:20 or so.  It was lightly raining while we waited and about 30 seconds after the gun, another downpour started.  It was on and off down pour the entire race.

I was really happy to be able to do the run, but it definitely didn’t have the excitement of other, drier, years.  Not too many spectators, no luminaries, giant puddles of water to slog through.  My iPod went crazy and kept turning off and on and eventually quit forever.  It was barely hanging on to life anyway.  My muscles were pretty tight, especially around my shins which I have never experienced before.  I think it was a result of me trying out my new shoes (Saucony Virrata) the day before.  

So I hit the first mile in 6:55.  I thought, whoa.  I better slow down a bit.  The 2nd mile I didn’t hear the timer until after I had past her a bit and I think she said 15 minutes even.  So that would have been a big slowdown, not sure how accurate that was.  Third mile I felt a little queasy in my stomach and tight in my upper back, but I was able to shake it off.  That timer said 22:30.  Still not sure of the accuracy of those timers because I finished in 29:20, so that last mile must have been 6:50?!  Anyways, saw my mom at her house just after the 3 mile mark and then it was a long hill.  A couple more right turns and we were in the homestretch.  I got outsprinted by a girl at the end, but it’s not like it’s that hard to outsprint a 7 months pregnant lady.  Not much of a crowd at the end at either, usually I know quite a few people along the course.  

I was pretty beat and tight, so I grabbed some water and walked home without a cool down. Results were up today and I was 15th women.  The first one crossed in 26 minutes, which is about 3-4 minutes slower than last year’s winner.  A lot of people didn’t bother to show up.  If I wasn’t preggo, I probably would have placed 2nd.  I ended up 4th in my age group, would have been 1st or 2nd in just about any other one. haha.   

Overall, it was an okay race experience.  I am glad I got to do it but I am looking forward to next year’s race being better.  Next up is a 7 miler on the 26th.  It’s going to be hilly….

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