I’m using the garage for my awards show!

I don’t really have much of an update today.  It’s about to be a 3 day weekend whoooo!  Too bad RKY works all three days.  It will be up to me to entertain Ragin Red.  

My birthday is on Monday and I didn’t ask for anything, so it will be interesting to see what I get.  What I need is money to pay for my car registration.  Why can’t that come at a different time of year so you don’t feel fked over on your birthday?

This week in running…

Sunday I ran 11.  I don’t remember much about this run, so it must have gone fine.  Monday I ran 4 and did strength training.  My strength training is like lifting super light weights with 5 minutes rest between sets.  Very effective.  Tuesday I ran 9.  It was the day after some really violent storms, so there were a lot of water hazards and branches to hurdle.  Steeplechase style.  Wednesday I woke up late.  I had crazy dreams and slept on the couch until about 2 am.  When I woke up, i had terrible anxiety that came out of nowhere.  Luckily I fell back asleep.  Unluckily, my clock somehow got changed to Mountain time, so I woke up an hour late and didn’t have much time to run.  So I called it an impromptu rest day.  

The whole day felt off after that.  I had weird anxiety and my stomach felt ick and full all day long.  Luckily, today is starting out better. I ran 9.35 and so far my stomach feels fine.  I’ll hopefully do another longish run tomorrow and then a shorter one on Saturday because I will probably be tired after 4th of July festivities.  

Preggo update-

Going to an outreach clinic for U of I to look at baby’s kidneys.  It’s a level two U/S which is more detailed and probably creepier looking.  Yay.  My stomach is feeling squished and a bit sour lately but nothing terrible yet.  Varicose veins…unsightly and they hurt!  Ouch.  Bumping my calf into a table is killer.  They only hurt a little after I run, they kind of pulsate for a minute.  It’s a weird feeling.  I also have some pinched nerves somewhere that makes weird parts of my body tingle with pins and needles.   I’m very excited for the race next weekend so I hope I don’t end up with another summer cold or sinus infection or random injury.  Fingers crossed.

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