I ended up running over 50 miles last week.  Not all of it was comfortable.  I would say 50% was comfortable the other 50 was me trying not to think about my stomach and bladder pressure.  Still feels good to be out and about sweating and enjoying the fresh air.  I have yet to break out the support belt, because I need to buy one and I’m cheap.  I have been having low funds since TT’s emergency eye surgery.

I would say that I average 8-10 miles on my runs now which is bizarro because a year ago I was probably at 5-7 with my long runs on the weekends.  I think long runs are really hard on my body though.  Especially when my IT band and knee is acting up.  My first race is in two weeks on June 14th.   Just a 5k.  I have no idea how fast I will be able to run.  I have done no speedwork really.  I do try to pick it up at the end of my runs and get in the lower 7s, but my normal runs average 7:40-8:10/mile.

I had my 22wk appointment yesterday ( a few days ahead of time).  The doctor said, your ultrasound looked good, baby looked healthy, HOWEVER…  And then he said her kidneys were larger than average.  That raised a red flag because my family has a genetic kidney issue.  It’s nothing serious but does require surgery after birth.  I will have to do another ultrasound in about 3 weeks where they will look closer at the kidneys.  I may have to go to the University hospital for a level two ultrasound after that.

Last night we went to a baseball game and had a fun night there.  I was pretty tired when I got up this morning and my stomach felt icky, but I got in 6 miles.  If I do my planned 8 tomorrow, I should have 52 miles on the week.

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