She needs to be put in a mental institution. On an island. In space

Well that last post seems like eons ago.  It was, in actuality, about 3 weeks ago.  I was still worried about my foot, which is fine now by the way.  The pain just kind of faded away after a week.  So that was nice.  What wasn’t so nice was starting running again.  I loved running again, but it felt like my bladder had doubled in size since the last time I had run.  Suddenly I feel the pressure.  Some days are better than others.  What helps is when I start out on the treadmill with a mile or two and then go pee before I head outside.  My bladder and stomach both feel and look swollen in the morning, so I definitely don’t always feel great while running.  When that happens, I try to concentrate on how my legs feel.  They have been feeling strong and loose lately.

As for races, I did not do the Mother’s Day half.  I had twinges of sciatica during my runs that week so I chickened out.  I didn’t want to be lost in a shady part of town because I am too prideful to stop at a water stop for help.  I ended up running about 11 miles that morning and feeling fine, so I probably could have finished it no problem.  I haven’t felt the sciatica too much since then, but I am very aware that it could pop up again at any time.  I have been stretching a lot to try and prevent it.  I don’t want a repeat of last pregnancy.

Looking forward, it’s a long summer of 5ks.  So I will probably just do Race for the Cure 5k.  I hope to be able to do my town’s 4 miler and the big 7 miler downtown.  After that it is August and miserable outside so eff that.  I had grand plans of maybe running  a half in September at 8.5 months pregnant.  Um yeaaaa.  I doubt that will happen.  I have been doing 10 and 11 milers this month, but by then, I will probably be struggling through 5.  I can’t find my support belt so I need to buck up and buy a new one before the pressure gets unbearable.  I am still not really showing much, unless I wear a tight shirt and even then, I just look pudgy wudgy.

My ultrasound was yesterday.  It was fairly anti climatic.  This time around I was mostly worried about the baby’s anatomy and not the sex.  Everything looked fine to me, but what do I know?  Then at the very end the tech moved to the baby’s bottom and said, welp, it’s a girl.  She snapped a quick pic of the three lines down there and that was that.  I certainly wasn’t surprised.  I mean it can really go one of two ways, so I wouldn’t be surprised either way.  I did think I wanted a boy, but then I was secretly hoping for a girl because I want Red to have a sister.  So I would be genuinely happy with either.  RKY, I am not so sure.  He wanted a boy as well but he also said that it didn’t really seem to make a difference if it was a boy or girl.  There isn’t much difference between the two when they are little.  Red is into weird boy things and girl things as well.  I think the real difference will come in the teenage years.  Yikes.  Maybe #3 will be a boy.

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