Post Boston

After crossing the line, I didn’t feel much of anything emotionally.  I was glad to be done.  I enjoyed the crowds, but Boston didn’t feel all that amazing to me.  More of a “me problem” than a problem with the race.  I am a robot (in robot voice).  

I was craving a Diet Coke so bad.  I got a water and a bag of goodies, then asked where the pop was.  They said further down.  Never did find one.  I saw my friends and they took a pic of me in my awkward space blanket with a goofy grin on my face.  We walked back to our hotel, my legs and feet already sore.  I usually don’t get sore until the next day.  The hotel had staff waiting with pom poms and bells.  It was cute.  

After I showered and changed, I was HUNGRY.  We took the T to the North end and found  a small Italian restaurant.  I was craving meat so I got some pork tenderloin with plum sauce, mashed potatoes, and spinach.  The pork was great.  We then spent the rest of the evening wandering around and visiting Faneuil Hall.  We got a taxi back to our hotel and I got ready for bed.  A shuttle picked me up the next morning at 6 a.m.  Getting through security was a bit of a pain, but at least I got to skip the queue with the rest of the runners.  

After boarding, I settled in to finally watch some Bravo.  Soon after the seatbelt sign went off, I felt horribly nauseous.  Then I started to panic.  I was afraid I was going to pass out or vomit on the lady next to me so I quickly got up and went to the bathroom in the back.  It felt good to be walking around.  When I sat back down, I tried to focus on the TV.  I still had waves of nausea, but I was calmer and able to keep my panic under control.  The flight felt really long.  I turned the fan up, then down, then back up again.  Finally we began our descent.  That hit me with another wave, but as soon as we landed, I was fine.  It took me awhile to find where I was supposed to go to meet RKY, but I did and we went off to shop at the mall and eat some Portillo’s.  My adventure was over.   

People were very impressed that I had run Boston.  They mentioned local finishers in the paper, so a lot people found out that I ran.  I was kind of embarrassed by my time, but I got to cut myself some slack.  A lot of people were slower than usual and they weren’t even pregnant! Some people asked me if Boston was my first marathon.  Some people asked me what place I got?!  I don’t even know.  

I was very sore for about 2 days.  Then I did an easy 2 miles on the treadmill and that seemed to help my muscles heal.  I ran 4 the next day and then had the IL Half on Saturday.  Yes, 5 days after the marathon.  My foot was increasingly sore, but I ignored it and figured I would have my chiro adjust it when I got back.

The IL half started at 7 a.m.  I left where we were staying at 5:20 a.m.  I got to town around 6:20 but the traffic was horrific and I had to go #1 AND #2.  Panic.  I found a store lot to park in (probably illegally) and walked to the start.  The portapotty lines were long!  I waited 28 minutes and did my business as quickly as possible.  Hundreds of people were still in line when I came out.  I ran to my corral and immediately the race began.  I was pretty thirsty at that point.  The first water stop wasn’t until between mile 2 and 3.  I got water at almost every stop after that and dumped one on my head and one in my mouth.  Again, it was warmer than I was used to, but I was feeling ok.  They had splits at the 10k and 10 mile mark.  I used those to break the race down.  I crossed 10k in 46:18 and decided I could do the rest in an hour and I’d be okay with that time because my foot was screaming and my quads were just a little mad.   I planned on walking at 10 miles, but instead I just slowed down a bit and ate 3 shotbloks.  Knowing I had less than 5k left was very encouraging, so I tried to pick it up a bit.  For me, the hardest part of this race was miles 4-7.  

The last mile I felt good and fast, I passed a lot of people.  We turned and ran the final yards on the stadium.  I got my medal, some water and immediately took my right shoe off to ice my foot.  Now that I had stopped running, I noticed the pain was crazy bad.  After icing for a bit, I had to walk back to my car.  It was over a mile away.  I limped along.  When I finally got back to the house to shower, I took off my sock and saw my foot was very purple.  I was alarmed. 

The town had no walk in care clinic, so I ended up in the ER where the doctors and nurses were very amused that a pregnant lady had run so much in the past week.  Luckily, the whole visit was about an hour and x-rays showed no fractures.  Walking was very painful for the first 3 days.  I am on day five now, my fourth without running.  It is finally feeling better. I am getting more optimistic about being able to run the Mother’s day half.  Maybe even go for a short run on Saturday to see how things are feeling.  I have been doing exercise videos in the meantime and I am getting sick of Jillian Michaels.  I also really miss getting my heart rate going.  We’ll see how it goes the next couple days and I will hope for the best.   

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