Sinkhole, you mean the Crash Pit?

Boston is just over a week away.  I am still mostly nervous about the whole getting on a bus and waiting in Athlete’s Village thing.  I’m nervous about timing.  I really hope they have an overabundance of portapotties.  I already have had major increase in the amount of times I need to pee every day and I’m only 14wks 5 days.  I am also nervous about talking to people.  I don’t want to meet anyone new.  Not because I am mean, but because I am weird.  I hate chit chat, small talk, etc.  God help me, the bus ride might be torture.  

Once the race has started I will feel so much better.  There is really no pressure on me to run a certain time.  That’s one of the nice things about running while pregnant.  

I did a sub-7 minute run the other day.  It was mostly 1 mile and 800 meter repeats.  Then I would sit at the computer and watch Bridezillas clips for 3 minutes, then get back on and do another.  I think it will probably be the last really speedy workout I will do.  I did do a short workout today and tried the “tabata” method with 20 seconds of fast and 10 seconds of slow.  It was tough but I did 2.5 miles.  Tomorrow I hope to do 8-10 miles and that will probably be the longest I will do before Boston.  Gotta cut back this week even though the weather is supposed to be lovely and perfect for running.  FINALLY.

I feel like I am showing, but I am not really.  Just at night when I am full and bloated I seem to have a little pouch. Most people would assume I’ve let myself go a bit.  Last time I don’t think I popped til about 5 months or later.  Second time is supposed to be a month sooner, which means right after Boston I should pop.  That is when I plan on spilling the beans finally, though I might tell my mom right after the race.  I might wait til my 18 week appt the next week though.  

I haven’t had sciatica yet, but I am expecting it.  I plan to stretch and try to ward it off before it hits, but I’m sure it will sideline me or slow me down quite a bit.  I haven’t been to my chiro since the fall, so she will be pissed at me when I finally waltz back in.  

So less than a week after the marathon, I have a half marathon.  Hopefully I am recovered in 5 days!  If not, oh well.  I have that whole no pressure because I am preggo thing going on.  I plan on doing the mother’s day half as well.  I will be 20 wks at that point.  After that comes summer time which means a ton of 5ks that I don’t want to do.  Hopefully I will be able to do the local 4 & 7 mile races in July and I really have no plans after that.  

Well, I probably won’t update until after the big day, so fingers crossed it all goes well.


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