He’s a tall glass of… annoying

OMG I want to run outside.  I mean, I probably could…I’m sure Alaskans will head out in -10 degree weather and stumble through the snow and ice.  I had a cut back week last week and ended up with 42.5 miles.  I could feel myself getting a cold, so I took it easy, drank lots of V8, and managed to avoid getting full blown sick.  Huzzah

The rest of this week does not look promising for outdoor runs.  I think I have managed, with two a days and short easy rest day runs, to make a plan with 50 miles in it.  Sunday I ran 9 in the a.m. and 2 later.  Monday I ran 6 in the a.m. and planned on doing 2 at night.  Didn’t happen.  So today is my rest day, but I got up 15 minutes early and fit in those 2 from last night.  The original plan was to do my 15-16 miler this weekend, but we have a full on blizzard coming and I would prefer to push the run back a week than to do it all on the treadmill.  My 14 miler was on the treadmill a couple wks ago.  It went ok, but I was sweaty and yuck.  So if I want to make 50, I will have to do 7 for the next 3 days and 10 on Saturday.   I keep checking the forecast in case something changes.  

So, I am expecting, but it is still very early and I am not sure if it is going to “stick.”  I have not allowed myself to feel any excitement yet and I will not until after I have visited the doctor and have a strong confirmed heart beat.  Even then, I will be cautious.  I have not even called my doctor yet as he does not see patients until 10 weeks.  My chest is sore, but I feel like it’s subsiding which is not a good sign.  I have a little nausea, but I tend to have that even when I’m not preggo because of my inner ears.  I am actually hoping to feel a bit more sick because I believe that is a good sign.  However, I was not really sick with Red, I remember dry heaving a few times when I first woke up and then was fine.  

I am still training for Boston, but I am not sure if I will actually run it.  I will go to watch if I can’t.  I think my mom will refuse to let me leave if she thinks I am going to run it.  She is already mad at me for planning on going without her.  Legitimately mad.  So I don’t even feel like running it sometimes.  I have a good qualifying time for 2015, so there is always the possibility of that.  I’m also considering running one closer to home, for peace of mind.  Of course, I will do what my doctor recommends.  Barring injury or some complication, there are definitely some half marathons in my future.  


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