One time I left a flea market with a samurai sword

Well I don’t feel right bitching about this deep freeze going on, because it’s happening all over the country.  School has been cancelled and even the mall closed early.  Not my workplace though.  My boss is oblivious.

My treadmill and I have been surprisingly good to each other and I had two 50 mile weeks despite the weather.  I got a little nervous yesterday because the incline seemed to be way off but I think I corrected it today.  Yesterday the display said I was running my usual 1.5 incline but I felt like I was dying and my butt was working way too hard for that.  I think it was really on 3 or 4%.  I guess I needed another hill workout anyway.

Thursday should warm up to around 20, but it’s still going to be about 5 degrees and negative wind chill in the a.m. when I run.  So I have my fingers crossed for an outside run on Friday.  And, of course, for my long run on Saturday.  My long run is only 12 miles.  I say “only” now, but come Saturday I will be singing a different tune.

I don’t do training plans, but I do map out my long run schedule.  Right now I am thinking January will include a 12 and 14.  February will have a 15 and 16.  March will be the big month of 18 and 2 20 milers.  April begins the taper.  I’m trying to take it a little easier than I normally do for various reasons.  Not planning on PRing, just planning on having a fun time.   The amount of travel and logistics will be stressful enough.



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