Ugh, she never smiles. Is her mouth broken!?

Well despite mother nature being a total f@$ker, I got in 50 miles last week.  So far this week I have 33.  According to Runkeeper, last year I ran 2,264.3 miles.  I did 14 on the 31st to ring in 2014, 9 in the a.m. and 5 in the p.m.  Still not motivated to go much more than 8 miles on the treadmill in one run.

This weekend we will be warming up to the 20s, so I am hoping to squeeze in an outside run around 12 miles.  It’s supposed to be windy though.  But nothing like Monday when the high temp is going to be -9.  Next week just does not look promising for outside running.  My treadmill and I will have to continue our intimate relationship.

I do not do New Year’s resolutions. When I want to make a change, I do it right away.  I don’t wait until the 1st to make it happen.  Because I am bad ass.   Actually because if I start procrastinating on something, I will NEVER do it.  Like when the roofers took down our satellite dish in May and I have yet to call Dish to come put it back up.  And yes I am still paying 50 bucks a month for nothing.  Literally, nothing.

I am trying to feed Red healthier and that started on the 30th.  So far she put a pea and carrot chip into her mouth, but they came right back out.  So I am still secretly mixing in fruits and veggies to her V-8 juice and yogurt.   Spaghetti/pizza sauce counts as a veggie, right?  I bought her broccoli yesterday but I have a feeling she won’t be into eating anything that looks like her plastic tree toys.

I am always trying (and failing) to eat healthier, so I will continue that quest.  I got a blender for Christmas, so I need to find some smoothie recipes to try out.  Preferably something with spinach and blueberries because those are the only healthy foods I like.  Wait….no….yes… those are the only healthy foods I like.

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