How Hindu are you? It’s a Christmas tree

Christmas is over.  Sad Face.  It doesn’t have the awesome build up that it used to.  When you are in school you have several holiday crafts and parties that get you all geared up for the holidays.  Then you get out of school or finish finals, so you get to have a mini celebration for that.  You get to sleep in and hang around the house helping your mom make cookies and wrap presents.  Then the actual day comes and you don’t even care that it’s over because you can spend the whole next day playing, shopping, or having a fashion show.

Then BOOM, you’re an adult.  The entire month of December flies by and you realize that you never wore your silly Christmas sweater, or baked cookies, and you have to find yourself with 7 xmas movies in your drawer and only 2 days to watch them.  However, I am grateful that I got Christmas Eve off.  Some people don’t get any days off.

Backing up, we had an awesome snowstorm over the weekend and I had a really great snow run on Sunday morning.  I even helped a cop push a car that was stuck.  Then the weather got super cold again, like below zero cold, so I resigned myself to treadmill running and generally avoiding being outdoors.  Monday I worked and it was dead, but I didn’t really feel like accomplishing shit anyway.  Tuesday I was off, so Red and I got some presents for the dogs and spent a good part of the day  coloring and making things with Play Doh.  Luckily she hasn’t tried to eat it yet.  The dogs did though .

That night my relatives gathered together to eat and hang, but of course I ended up being the babysitter for all the little kids.  We played hardcore til the wee hour of 8 p.m.

Christmas morning I woke up at 5:30 and it was easy to get going because I was excited for the day.  I was able to run outside because the temp was in the upper teens, so I took advantage of the “nice” weather and got in 10 miles.  Then I quick showered and made sure the tree and presents looked nice and ready to go.  RKY came downstairs with a grumpy Red.  Of course she perked up when she saw that Santa came and brought her presents.  She thought it was hilarious that he ate like two bites of the donut we left out for him.  She was a little slow to understand the whole present unwrapping thing.  She seemed pretty happy after one or two.  I will have to remember that for next year.  I ended up unwrapping most of them for her and then dad assembled them.  Then the grownups opened presents and RKY seemed pretty happy about his SodaStream.

We spent the morning playing with every single toy she got.  Then we went to my parents for more presents.  She was super cranky at this point though.  I opened her gifts for her and then she dragged me upstairs to hang out.  I enjoy watching my nephews and parents open their gifts but oh well.  I always have to remind my nephews exactly what I got them.  We went home so Red could eat lunch and nap.  Then I woke her up so we could go back over for dinner.  It was delicious.  I ate too much homemade mac n cheese and paid for it this morning.  We played for awhile after dinner and ate some pie.  Then I rode my new bike home!!! in the snow.  I almost slipped once.  It’s a Trek mountain bike, so it handled pretty well.  I also got some snowshoes that I am excited to try out.  When I got home, I convinced RKY and Red to go for a walk.  I love when it’s snowing and warm enough to be outside.  So we had fun on our walk and then we played for a couple hours and tried to get Red to sleep.  It didn’t work out so well, I think she had too much fun.  She fell asleep on top of me while we watched Almost Human.  Totally appropriate for a two yr old.

So Christmas was a lot better than last year.  I still miss our old traditions and seeing my grandparents, but it’s getting better.  I just need to find ways to get into the spirit sooner.

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