everyone calls you pineapples

Well the weather perked up a bit.  After a long 11 miles on the treadmill on Sunday and 2 quick miles on Monday, I was able to get out on Tuesday and do a total of 9.5.  Unfortunately it was cold again this morning, so I just did another quick jaunt of 3.25 miles on the mill.  Lately I haven’t been watching TV while running but just listening to music instead.  It’s odd.  I just kind of fantasize about actually being able to sing and play an instrument in a band.  Tomorrow the weather should be nice-ish so I can head out for another long run before an ice storm supposedly hits and then a blizzard this weekend.  

I suppose I should start training for Boston in a few weeks.  I have a pretty solid base and I am not looking to PR, so I don’t think training will be too bad.  Unless we have another neverending winter like last year. 

I’ve been dealing with vertigo again this year.  It’s like constantly being a boat.  Remind me to never go on a cruise.  My 2 quick miles were a bit dangerous as I kept drifting to the right.  I clean my ears out with baby oil which was a bit of a disaster.  Cause you know how baby oil is like really oily durr.  So the oil didn’t get in my ear as much as all over my face, neck, and hair.  At least I smell really nice.  Like a fresh baby.   

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