Something something danger zone

Guh.  Still being all sick-like.  Possibly because I ran 35 miles in the past 4 days, 2 in the rain, and then went trick or treating in the rain as well.  I’m smart like that.  But it’s also possible that the world hates me, saw that I registered for a race on Saturday and thought, I’ll teach this bitch about planning ahead.

So my runs were 4 on Monday morning, 3.2 Monday evening, 8 Tuesday morning, 2.5 Tuesday evening, 10.1 Wednesday morning, and 7.2 Thursday morning.  Tomorrow I will be resting up for a 4 mile race on Saturday.  It’s over an hour away, but there is a serious race drought in my area until the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  I haven’t signed up for that because I’m still not sure where we will be spending the day.

Last night was trick or treat.  Of course it rained all day.  Didn’t stop until about 7, halfway through trick or treat.  I feel envious of people who live out west and can just go outside in their costumes.  Here in the midwest we have to shove coats and extra layers on under or over costumes and ditch our masks and headpieces for stocking caps.  We barely got Red to fit into her costume with her coats on.  Then she insisted on holding her umbrella which really slowed us down.  We made it to about 7 houses and said screw it.  After we got home, the rain had stopped, so we headed out again.  Our neighborhood was devoid of porch lights, so we walked around the block and hit up about a dozen houses.  By that time, it was late and most people were trying to get rid of their candy, so we got a pretty good score.  By we, I mean, me.  I am going to eat it all.

Tonight is trick or treat: round 2.  I get very worked up over trick or treat.  I take this shit seriously.  I don’t like to drag ass and I like to take advantage of the full 2 hours.  My nephews are not like that.  I will be prepared to give piggyback rides and drag them around in a wagon.  I need more candy dammit.

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