It was your idea to rent “The Best VHS in the World”!

Another race recap.  I did register for and race the Pumpkin Run or Race or Dash or whatever.  I picked up my packet on Saturday and was dismayed to see the shirts were again the ugliest shade of the ugliest color- orange.  But I can’t complain too much, because I did wear it this morning before dawn, and I did not get hit by a car.  After picking that up, Red and I went to the park with the lagoon so we could feed the ducks.  It was pretty chilly out and the ducks were hesitant to get in the water.  Most of them were just chilling on the side until Red swooped in and scared them all in.  Other than that, I took it pretty easy so I could have fresh legs on Sunday.  I painted a pumpkin at my parents’ house and generally stayed inside because it is colder than it should be this time of year. 

Sunday morning was also chilly as hell.  Wait…that makes no sense.  But you get what I mean.  The race didn’t start until 9:30 so I was planning on sleeping until 7.  Red woke up at 6:30.  We snuggled under blankets and watched Care Bears.  Someone needs to get the A/C units out of our windows and maybe our house would warm up a bit.  Red really wanted to walk the dogs at like 8, so I woke up RKY and they headed out while I finished getting ready for the race.  I got there around 8:45 and ran to pick up my chip.  Then I ran back to my car and sat in there to stay warm and avoid talking to people.   The shorter race was first, so I waited until that started and then ran back to the starting line.  I felt ok while I was warming up but when the race started, my feet felt like ice cubes.  They were heavy and weird, it threw me off a bit.  I was 3rd until about the first mile and one girl dropped back then the first girl took off and I ended up in 2nd. 

The race was 2 laps, so we came by the finish line and the clock said 15:30 but it was about 200 meters from the half way point.  The second lap I ditched my coat and felt pretty good.  I just wanted to coast in at the same pace and I think I did.  At one turn I tried to look back to see if I could see another female but I couldn’t really tell and then I turned back around and felt dizzy.  Stupid plugged up ears.  I ran really steady and question if I could have gone faster at some point but I wasn’t really motivated to.  I made the last turn and kicked it up a little bit to finish in 32:50.  I was 2nd female.  I was really surprised when a girl came up about 25 seconds behind me.  I had no idea 3rd was so close.  After the run, I grabbed and downed two waters then ran back to my car.  I had to get home so RKY could get to work on time.  I will have to pick up my trophy and prize $ sometime this week.

I don’t feel all that great about how I did and I can’t figure out why.  I improved my time by a full minute over last year when I also finished 2nd.  Maybe it’s because I feel like I could have done better?  But maybe I couldn’t have.  My right hamstring felt weird near the end, so it’s good that I didn’t push it too much.  Note to self: try stretching sometime.  This may be my last race of the year, but I’m hoping to do another 1 or 2.  I may need to drive a ways to them because there’s a November dry spell locally. 

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