I can still go to cowboy weddings

Welp the marathon is in two days.  I can’t say I’m excited.  On the plus side, I’m not completely dreading it either.  I may have burnt myself out on running long distances.  Some people would probably laugh at the fact that 50 miles a week can burn someone out, but whatevs.  I don’t think I will ever run 70-80 miles a week, mostly because NO.

I have taper twinges that keep popping up, both knees, hip, shoulder, neck, etc.

I’m really worried about my shoulders cramping up again and me finishing the race looking like my dad mid-stroke.  I can laugh about it now, right?

I didn’t run yesterday and I haven’t run yet today.  I’m probably going to Hulk out on someone any minute now.  My alarm didn’t go off this morning, which really pissed me off, but my run is only 3.5 miles so I will squeeze that in sometime later.  Tomorrow is a one mile fun run to raise money for a therapy dog. Anything with dogs, running, and spending a lot of money on raffle tickets appeals to me.  I’m bringing one of my dogs, so I’m pretty excited to jog/walk/sprint/repeat with him.  Then I will have to hit up the Marathon expo, which I HATE.  The expos are always across the river and of course I panic about parking and logistics and it’s not even the goddamn race.  Can’t they just send me my shit in the mail? I will panic over logistics again on Sunday unless i can convince someone to drop me off. (@ 6:45a.m….not gonna happen)

I have a race plan and 0 goals for this one.  There are water stops at nearly every mile, so I am walking for about 15 seconds at miles 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 & 23.  Wow I sound anal.  Hopefully that’s all the walking I need and I won’t need a bathroom break.  I am walking every mile during the really hard part for me mentally, when we are on a military installation and there are no spectators.  I am wavering between listening to one song per mile, or waiting to start music until the hard part, or using music, then audiobook.  I don’t know why I’m planning anything because, because I’ll probably just wing it all anyway.  Really the only things I need to remember are to drink enough water, move my legs in a forward direction, and eat my Shotbloks.   Generally I don’t need to remind myself to eat, but when I run, I do.

I’m eyeing a 30 miler in October and a couple of marathons later that month.  We’ll see how I feel after Sunday.  Ambitious me will probably be dead and gone.

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