the party’s over

I have realized that I need to accept the fact that I am really not that fast.  I mean, I know that I am not, but I am not getting any faster.  It was exciting to improve and start getting overall awards in smaller races, but I have stopped improving.  It has nothing to do with having a kid or any injury.  I have added speed work and still do not improve.  I have added rest days and still have not improved.  It’s just not in me.  Maybe I am suited for another sport.  Maybe I can blame my completely non-athletic parents.  I cant blame myself for not trying, because I certainly tried.  This fall I will focus on running races for fun again.  And running for fun.  Screw the speed work.  I can’t compete with 13 yr old freaks of nature and my highly competitive age group.

I don’t think this fall’s marathon will be my last and I am not going to bust myself up trying to PR.  I am going to try a duathlon and do more cycling.  If running is making me feel down on myself, then clearly I need to try something new.

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