Well hello summer.  You’ve come a bit late and overstayed your welcome.  I am not counting on any stellar runs this week, that’s for sure.  I did my 21 miler on Friday night, after the sun went down, and it wasn’t too bad.  Plus I felt pretty awesome most of the time.  This could be attributed to the fact that I had a full day of meals and calories to work off of, or because I went super slow.  By Super slow I mean like 8:20s which is like 35 seconds off my goal pace, and totally recommended by every running coach/book ever.  So I will try not to beat myself up over running slower than normal.  I was running smarter, right?

I took a rest day on Saturday and then hit the roads again for 10 on Sunday, 8 on Monday, and 7 on Tuesday.  Today was a much needed rest day.  I slept in until 7:10!  Ridiculous.  Actually I woke up at 6:15, fed the dogs and then collapsed on the couch until 7:10.  Good thing my internal alarm was working today.

I have been biking to work almost every day for 3 weeks now.  Impressive right?  Well I live a half mile from work and ride my Schwinn Stingray.  Takes me about 4 minutes, which I now realize is awfully slow for being on a bike, and it still makes me feel like puking when I get there.  I probably look like a dork riding a little bike.  In fact, I know I look like a dork because someone yelled that out their car window.  At least I haven’t been slushied yet, which apparently is a thing now thanks to that awful TV show Glee.

Two weeks ago there was a 4 mile race that started across the street from my house.  Like literally, across the street from my house and in an alley by the school.  I didn’t do it.  Why?  Because I am a wiener.  I hate racing.  Why do I bother doing speedwork if I am not going to race?  Probably because I have plateaued, especially in short distances.  Good thing there about 50 5ks in the area this fall, only 2 10ks, and one half marathon/marathon.  I am trying to narrow down my options and pick a few of the dreaded 5ks, one of the 10ks, and, of course, the marathon.  There is a 5 mile race on Labor Day, but if it’s hotter than balls, count me out.  The next week is a 5k that starts about 3 blocks from my house so I will have to suck it up and race.




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