smooth poser

I did not have a good run today.  Pace wise, sure, 8 miles at 7:50 and 2 at 7:30, not bad.  I felt like crap.  So I need to consider why my hammys felt tight and I felt like a slug.  

2 weeks ago I did my first 20 miler.  It was surprisingly good.  After 18 I stopped and grabbed Henry and he ran the last 2 with me.  The first 18 were just under 8 min/mile.  Pace for the last two miles was about 9:30 because of all the stopping and starting, but it was good to get more time on my feet.  

The next week I took time off of work and had tons of fun with Red everyday.  I also made sure to get in lots of miles and did my 2nd 20 miler on Thursday, just 5 days after my first.  Not the best timing, but I was busy that weekend.  This 20 miler was not as easy.  I struggled.  I was just tired.  I wasn’t dehydrated, I did get hungry near the end.  I don’t eat before long runs so that’s a given.  My overall pace was somewhere around 8:07 min/mile.  

Then I got sick.  Woke up Saturday with a sore throat so I skipped my speed workout.  I could feel a sinus infection coming on so I ran an easy 5 that night before it got worse.  Totally logical, right?  Of course Sunday was hellish and I slept or lazed around most of the day.  Monday was still rough but I was able to get on the treadmill for 3 miles.  I decided if I couldn’t run long, then I was going to run fast.  So I ran 5k in 21 min.  

I decided short and fast would be my goal for the week while my head and chest recovered.  Not easy when your chest is congested.  duh.  I ran 4 miles on Tuesday and 5 on Wednesday averaging around 6:50 min/mile for both.  Thursday I had 6 on tap and I wanted to be sub 7.  I just could not do it.   all at once anyway.  I kept stopping the treadmill and taking long breaks.  But I did finish 6 miles in 41:30 though in reality it took me about an hour to finish with all my breaks.  Planned on doing 7 on Friday but just could not wake up.  so I didn’t.  I went back to bed and had awful nightmares.

So today, Saturday, I had 10.  I figured the rest on Friday would do me good but it didn’t.  I just ran too fast this week I suppose.  Plus I did some kettle bell moves on Tuesday and my legs are still sore.  I dont think thats supposed to happen.  hmm.  So I started my 10 miler at 5:30.  Had to make a pit stop for bathroom services after 3.7 miles.  Then Red was already up for some crazy reason.  RKY told me to keep running cause he was already awake.  So I went back out and really struggled.  Stiff legs.  I got back to the house after 8 miles were done and quick ran to the treadmill and hopped on.  I am trying to minimize my breaks in between outdoor and treadmill running.  I struggled again to finish the last 2 miles, though I was going a decent pace.  I hope I can recover for my 12 miler and 20 miler this week.  My head still feels off and I felt like puking in the shower.  Always a good way to start the day.

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