I was mistakenly voted out of a four-person housing situation

Race weekend is over.  Sometimes I am so busy thinking about the race that I forget that I have a whole weekend to spend after the finish.  It was filled with going to various parks around town and trying desperately to entertain Red, who DID NOT NAP AT ALL

Back to the race, 7 miler…I woke up on Saturday and felt pretty good. I had some weird GI issues this past week- which may have been related to the food poisoning outbreak in the Midwest.  So my stomach felt a little queasy but otherwise, I was energetic and ready to go.  Temps were in the 50s.  Brrrr

We drove downtown and immediately found a port-a-potty for my mom who literally pees every 15 minutes.  She has an autoimmune disease and when it flares up, it is irritating.  We waited in line for like 20 minutes and then quickly walked to the start.  By that time it was about 10 minutes before the race and the orange zone (50min and under) was packed.  I tried to squeeze through but I still ended up behind some kids who did not look athletic at all.  They were wearing basketball shoes, I mean come on.

A ton of people fudge their estimated finish time and end up in the orange zone which is really frustrating.  Sorry to that lady that I completely annihilated on the hill, but you really didn’t need to be walking after 400 meters.

So my first mile was 8:20, I estimated that it took me about 20 seconds to cross the start line so I was panicking a little.  The bottleneck is really ridiculous and makes me never want to run this race again, but usually by the end I am having fun.

So things spread out right after the one mile mark and I was able to go through 2 miles at 15:15.  A sub 7 mile, but still not happy.  We ran down to the 3.5 m turnaround and I crossed the mat around 24:24.  I turned on my music so I didn’t hear the rest of my mile splits.  The next half of the race is all uphill, but it didn’t really feel that bad except for one really steep section.  At the six mile mark I knew the big downhill was coming so I was getting pumped to really let go.  But of course I get scared and picture myself rolling down the hill like a jackass, so though I was going fast, a lot of people were cruising past me.

We made a final turn and ran 600 or so meters to the finish.  Again, I felt people passing me like crazy as they started sprinting.  I don’t think my body is capable is sprinting.  curse these stubby legs.  I finally kicked it into gear and really felt the burn in the last 200 meters.

Crossed the 7 mile finish line in 48:30.  Chip time was 48:01.  Not a PR but only 11 seconds off.  I’m mostly impressed that I was able to cover the last 6 miles in 39:30.  I was the 60th woman out of probably 7000, so I was happy to make the top 100 again.  I even bought the paper that prints the results so I could cut out that one portion like I usually do and of course, they printed the wrong results.  They printed the 2 mile top 100 twice.  Waste of $2.

I am not sure what races are coming up next.  I just have to see how I feel and if I can fit them in around my long runs.  Got another 18-20 coming up this weekend.  Not looking forward to it, though the weather should still be decent.

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