I hate Phantom Space Man!

The day before a race.  It always kinda sucks.  Gotta watch what I eat so I don’t poop my pants.  Gotta drink gallons of water that wants to promptly vacate my bladder every 15 minutes.  Gotta be careful on stairs so I don’t tweak my knee.  Gotta monitor the weather every hour.  

Well the weather tomorrow is supposed to be unheard of.  Like literally, I think we are looking at record lows.  Temp at race time is supposed to be lower 50s.  This is July in the midwest…I have ran this race in 80some degrees and 90% humidity.  50s is supposedly IDEAL running weather.

 This puts even more pressure on me to do well, because I will never ever get a nicer day to run this particular race.  I won’t have the heat to use as an excuse if I fail miserably.  By fail miserably, I am not even sure I know what that means.  Obviously I can run 7 miles without stopping…failure is something I won’t know until I have experienced it.  I would like to run sub-7 minute miles.  This will not be possible during mile one because of the bottleneck going up the hill.  That means I am going to have to make up lost time and run even faster in the middle miles.  The last mile is downhill, so I am not too worried about that one.  It’s just the middle 5 of rolling hills.

In other news, my boss is a dick.  Wait, that’s not really news.  Most people already know that.


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