You’re a swagger hound

Well the weekend went ok.  I did my 18 on Saturday so I could relax the rest of the weekend.  Besides waking up at 5:15, it wasn’t so bad.  A crazy fast storm blew through on Friday night and cooled the air.  It was still pretty humid and my sports bra was still disgustingly soggy, but it could have been worse.  I hit a little wall at mile 10 and I think it was from dehydration, so I stopped at my house and guzzled a few glasses of water.  I might try Gatorade next time.  I never use Gatorade, but if it will help, then I’m all for it.

By the time I finished Red was already up and raring to go anywhere and do anything.  We used to sit and watch an episode of Curious George before she’d start to get crazy, but lately it’s about 5 minutes and she’s up and at em.  We went on a walk and stopped to play with the decorative rocks at the bank.  That’s our new thing I guess.  I had to work from 10-12 and then she dragged me down to the park to play.  An older girl that she had been playing with was suddenly mean to her and it broke my heart when Red sadly walked away.  She walked me down to the swings where she sniffled and hugged me.  Then we brought dad his lunch at work, but she started her nap on the way there so I just dropped it off and headed back home to finally get off my feet for a bit.  When RKY got home we went to Steak n Shake for dinner.  taking her to eat in public is never a good idea, but we keep trying dammit.  Then we went to the pet store and to Target for groceries, which again, was not easy.  I was bit and hit quite a few times before we wrestled her into the cart.  She is naturally violent.  No one taught her that shit.  Should I be worried?

We had fun that night catching lightning bugs.  She is pretty scared of them though.  On Sunday night she tried catching some on her own, but screamed whenever one actually touched her.  It was supposed to be a rest day and my calves were sore from wearing my new Mizunos, but I ended up walking all over town and playing various sports with my nephews.  My calves were still sore this morning, so I popped on some compression socks and went out for a ten miler.  When I started, it was actually sort of dark out, which I love.  I run so much easier in the dark.  I think I will try another 10 tomorrow so I can take it easy peasy living greazy before the race on Saturday.

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