I cant get past you, you are the cops, you are my student loans

Summer has arrived.  I hate it.  At least it showed up late.  Fashionably late.  I ran a speed workout on the treadmill on Wednesday because I honestly don’t think I could ever hit those paces on my own.  I did 7×800 @ 3:20 with 800 recovery.  Thursday I needed another rest day.  Even my calves were sore (prob DOMs from Saturday) and they are usually fine.  I did some kettlebell swings instead. 

This morning was an “easy” 7 and I convinced myself to go outside despite the 80 degree temp and 110% humidity at 6 a.m.  It was rough.  God, I hope it’s not that bad for the race next weekend.  I ran 5.5 outside and I finally said eff it and came in to finish on the treadmill.  I laid on the floor in my a/c room and stared at the beads of sweat all over my legs.  Every single pore was just leaking water.  Showering never felt so good.  I’ve drank about 60 ounces of water since then and I haven’t even peed yet. 

The weather is supposed to break tonight with a cool front.  Just in time for my 18 miler tomorrow.  Today felt so sh*tty that I’m not terribly confident about tomorrow’s run, but I’m giving it a go. 

In other news, I got a terrible tattoo.  On my forearm.  Not easy to hide that one.  My friend has been apprenticing for three months and she did some decent work on people, so I decided to be a guinea pig too.  Didn’t turn out as well for me.  She wants me to come back in a couple weeks so she can “fix” it, but I think I am going to call my normal guy for that.  sigh.

Last night I took Red and my nephews to the indoor bounce house play place.  It is smelly in there and the workers hate their job.  Not as nice as I expected, but the kiddos had fun.  I was allowed to “assist”, but not bounce.   I definitely bounced.


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