I studied zoology in college, and I can control animals with my mind

I finally had a decent race.  The local 4 miler, which is one of my favorite races ever because it’s at night, I run these streets every frakking day, and because I know a lot of the spectators.  I could run that course in my sleep…I probably have.  I started out the day with a 3.5 mile jaunt around town.  Then Red and I were off and playing at the local park before 8 a.m.  Then we headed to the farmer’s market, but we didn’t stay long because we forgot to bring a stroller.  Parenting fail.  I got some green beans and cheese though.  We went from there to the sprayground down by the river.  Red was a little timid at first but then she got really into the water.  We didn’t bring extra clothes or a diaper (parenting fail part 2), so RKY put his shirt on her and it looked hilarious and adorable.  We ate lunch and then I walked her to my parents house to watch the parade.  I had to be in the parade which wasn’t really as fun as it sounds.  Especially when you run out of candy because then the little kids dgaf about you.
After the parade she napped and then ate dinner.  I wanted to cool off in the AC for awhile but she dragged me back outside to ride on her balance bike.  I think kids are immune to heat and humidity.  There was still over two hours until the race so we drove to get ice cream.  Finally I started getting ready and walked her back to my parents’ house for the race.  Then I ran to my house and put on my bib and chip and left about 15 minutes before the race started.  I ran the long way to the starting line for a warm up and I was still like 10 minutes early.  You are supposed to line up based on your mile time but everyone seems to fudge it, so I started behind a big group of people who I immediately passed.  I don’t race with a watch so I decided I had better wait to start my music until the second mile so I could hear the timer at mile one.  I passed the timer around 6:15 and decided I had better slow up a tad.  The race usually gets tough for me from mile 2-3, but this time I was busy trying to keep up with this little fast girl, so it wasn’t too bad.  I ended up passing her and then came in to mile 3 right around 19:40.  Then I get to pass by my parents’ house where my mom and Red were waiting.  Saw them and continued up the last incline.  I still felt surprisingly good, so I just kind of cruised into the finish.  It went by in a blur, I didn’t pay much attention to the crowd but I did hear some people cheering for me.  The last 200 meters is a straight sprint to the finish and I got in around 26:20.  I’m kind of curious what my splits were in the middle.  The first and last miles were 13 minutes which means the middle two were 13:20, which is average 6:40.  Overall pace was 6:35 thanks to that speedy first mile.  My PR for this race is 25:20
The race had 2200 runners and I was 6th female, so I was pleased.  I got 2nd in my age group too, which is surprising because my age group is really competitive lately.  I plan on being pregnant or just post partum for next year’s race, but hopefully I can still run it.  It is nice to go out on a high note.    The 7 miler is up next and if this heat and humidity continue, I doubt a PR will be reached but hopefully I can sub 50.


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