Free cake! Free cake!

Well I thought I overreacted on the last post because I had been running fairly normally after taking 3 days off… in a row.  The horror!  I got in 42 miles last week but my longest run was 8 miles.  I planned on doing 12 on Sunday, but I seem to have caught a cold, so I pushed it to Monday.  Because my body defeats colds in one day, right?

Well Monday morning, my head still felt heavy as hell, so I laid on the couch on watched Arrested Development.  I started to perk up though and then ended up running 10 miles on my treadmill.  I thought, heck, let’s go ahead and make this my long run from last week.  So Red woke up from her nap and we ran another 2.5 in her stroller.  Did I fail to mention that my foot started throbbing around mile 5 of this run?  Cause it did.  And now I’m back to where I started.  Icing and praying and rubbing my foot at work, creating awkward situations.  In desperation, and after running another painful 6 miles this morning, I finally called my doctor.  He’s going to be like, your foot hurts again?  Here’s some extra strength naproxen.  Stop whining.  I am also going to call my chiro and make them ultrasound it because I’m starting to join their cult and believe in their whackadoodle therapies.  I’m still pretty sure it’s just a weird muscle strain or something but I love to fool myself.  I also love to be pessimistic and believe that I won’t be able to run a marathon this fall.  Just one more PR before I get fat and knocked up again…pretty please?!

Red has been really funny lately.  She still doesn’t say many actual words and the ones she does say are always exclamations!  Whoa!  Uh-oh!  Oh No!  Wow!  Yay!  Hi! Henry!  Dog/dad..these sound exactly the same.  That’s about it.  I bet when she does start talking she’s going to say some crazy shit.  Can’t wait.

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