if I woke up lookin’ like that, I would just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.

Despite my many conditions and ailments, I ran a half marathon yesterday.  And I PR’ed. 

I waited til the last minute to register, again.  I did the same thing last year.  I was more nervous about finding parking than the actual race, which was a nice change of pace from last weekend when I was nervous as haaaale. 

I jogged for less than a minute as a warmup.  The gun went off and I started to remember the course as we ran it.  We make a turn right after the first mile marker and basically run up a huge hill for 800 meters.  After that, I was warmed up and ready to go.  Nothing was hurting me at this point.  I didn’t pay much attention to the course and I didn’t listen to music for the next 8 miles.  My shoulder started cramping up again after just 4 miles!  I must have horrible posture because this is becoming a real issue.  When we got down by the river, the wind really picked up and I started to feel sciatic twinges in my right glute and hamstring.  I just kept telling myself, mind over matter, and that actually helped.  Surprisingly optimistic outlook from a pessimist like myself. 

I did not pass nor get passed by a women since the 2nd mile.  We did an out and back and I saw several in front of me, but I wasn’t sure how many.  We had another hill right near the end and then we turned and ran down into the stadium for the finish.  Unfortunately we had to run nearly a whole lap to the finish line.  I came in at 1:36:33 or something like that.  All finishers got a medal and flowers.  I can’t remember where I planted my flowers last year, but the medal was cooler this year. 

Today I am pretty sure I have a stress fracture on the top of my foot.  All yesterday I kept dreaming of PRs and being awesome all summer long.  I guess I was ignoring the nagging pain.  Then when I woke up, it was screaming.  I taped it up and took Red for a walk anyway.  I’m sure taping it is the best thing for a stress fracture right?  JK.  So I’m really not sure when I will call the doctor because I really don’t want to hear that I can’t run for 6 weeks.  My shoulder is really sore too but at least my chiro can look at that tomorrow.  big SIGH.

So all of this overshadows the fact that I got a PR and 8th woman overall.  I was about 3 minutes faster than last year (when I got 4th overall ) but I was coming off a really bad wonky knee episode last year.  I’m getting really frustrated that my age group seems to be getting faster and faster.  New fast people seem to be converging on the 30-34 AG.  I need to stop comparing myself to others and just work on getting PRs, but it’s hard. 

fugg i need a haircut.  Im rocking retro bieber hair. 

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