imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light

My knees feel slightly better and this is without any NSAIDs, just with foam rolling and stretching.  They seem to feel okay in the morning while I run and then, as the day goes on, they feel worse.  Probably because I’ve been walking a lot, pushing Red in her trike and climbing stuff at the park.  I messaged a chiro friend to see if he knew anyone who is trained in the Graston Technique.  Sounds like Medeival torture.  I’m into it.

I ran 16 miles on Sunday.  I was stiff from the 5k, so it definitely felt like the last 16 miles of a marathon.  I figure that’s good enough and I should be ready for the next race, whether it be 25k or 26 m.  I ran by the track where the 24 hour run was being held and tried to motivate myself.  Didn’t really work.  It was the last hours of it, so they were all walking anyway.

I am mad craving some Doritos right now.  A sure sign that my .  is about to start.  Plus I ran 7 fast miles on the mill this morning and running fast always makes me more ravenous than running far.  I think treadmill running is better for my IT band, but gosh dang it’s so beautiful out this week.

I’m trying to find a better pair of shoes for my running.  We don’t have a fancy running store that will analyze your gait and pick a shoe for you.  I still love my Nike frees but I’m afraid they are making my situation worse.  I hate shoes with any type of cushioning.

So I prepaid for another dog from a shelter.  It’s a corgi mix that is being brought up from freaking MIAMI.  Apparently the shelter there is so over run with dogs and cats that they euth them after they have been there for just 2 weeks!  So some non profits go in and save a bunch to transport them to no-kill shelters around the country.  The dog’s name is Negra, which obviously is Spanish, but not something I want to be yelling in my yard.  I have been coming up with other possibilities.  I am very worried that it’s not going to work out because 1- RKY doesn’t know.  2- Henry is possessive of me and super jealous.  Praying it works out somehow.  Will pick her up next week.


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