i know you wanna slump up on these lumps

Short 5k update. 

After warming up I pretty much threw all expectations out the window.  My legs felt like jelly and I suspect it was from this unexpected stomach flu that had me emptied out. 

The first mile I was going pretty fast and I could see two women ahead of me most of the time.  They just kept slipping away.  The second mile I started to feel like I might black out but I just told myself mind over matter and it went away pretty quickly.  My legs didn’t feel like they were moving very fast and I could feel them slowing down.  Sometime in the third mile, another woman passed me and she was looking strong, so I knew I wasn’t going to earn any prize money.  Luckily I was able to finish strong and I think my time was 20:17.  I honestly was expecting it to be almost 22, because there were no clocks on the course and I felt slow.  So I was pretty pleased with my time because this was a very hilly race and I am hopeful the next 5k will be under 20. 

I ran back and found my sister who was doing her first 5k EVER.  So I ran/walked with her and she finished in 44 minutes. 

Tomorrow is a 16 miler to prep for the next marathon.  There is a half next Sunday that I am considering, but I will have to see how my knees feel about that. 

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