Would you like to hear what my nuts have to say?

Countdown one week until the next marathon.  By this time next week marathon #5 will be in the books.  I’d like to think that each one gets easier and I get faster each time, but, as was the case last time, that doesn’t always happen. 

I feel fully recovered from the last one.  This week I had some excellent fast runs, but unfortunately they were all on the treadmill due to the storms we had every stinkin morning.  Then, later in the week I was able to get outside but it was in the 20s so I felt stiff and tired and blah.  I wonder if I will ever be able to run fast outside again.  Lately it feels like I can;t and I’m not sure I can completely blame the weather. 

A week ago Saturday I did a 16 miler which was my only “long” run between the two marathons (which are 4 weeks apart).  I figure that was enough.  Plus my body was not liking that run and Red woke up early so I scrambled to finish it.  My whole lower body was achy in a weird way that made me think I might have some weird disease or be dying.  Sort of like nerve pain.  Maybe my back was out of joint or maybe I really am dying. 

At least this time I actually feel motivated to run the full marathon.  Well, today I feel motivated to run the full marathon.  Hopefully I will still feel that way in a week.  My post marathon plans are to run a 5k on Cinco de Mayo because the after party involves nachos! Ole!  Then run a half marathon on Mother’s Day.  And then a 25k the next weekend.  After that, I will chill and do my usual summer races.  I don’t think I will miss long runs, except when I look in the mirror and see my ass start to fall again.  Hmm Maybe I’ll do squats.

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