you’re a chump. a chuuuuuump

Well last week’s recovery did not go well for me.  I definitely pushed myself when i should have been resting.  The problem was that I was in a conference and had 11 hour days, so I really needed to get up and exercise in the morning to get myself going. Because the “gym” was one room with three machines, pool didn’t open til later, and I didn’t have a DVD player, I decided running was my best bet.  Plus I wanted to get out and explore the town.

it didn’t end up being much of a town and the temp was around 20 every morning, but I got up and ran everyday.  i was also in extreme pain most of the day.  I didn’t want to take any nsaids because I had taken them leading up to the race.  the only thing that hurt me on Sunday was my quads.  Apparently my hips and ass compensated for them on my Monday and Tuesday runs because they were SCREAMING all week long.  When I finally got home on Friday, I rested for two days- just did some Jillian Michaels DVDs.  Finally on Sunday I felt better, so I ran 5.5 miles.  Felt really good after that, so I ran 10 yesterday.  Today I took another easy day by running 1.5 miles and doing Shed and Shred DVD.  Now my arms are sore, but at least I can walk around and not look like an ass.

Plan for the rest of the week is to run 8-10 tomorrow, maybe do just strength again on Thursday, run 8-10 on Friday, and 16 on Saturday.  That would be my last long run before the next marathon which I may or may not do.  Hopefully this week will keep me in shape enough that I’ll still be ready to run and not burnt out.

On the homefront, Red has been crazy bad since I got home.  Lots of fits and tantrums and dramatics.  My mom suspects she is taking after my older sister which is just great.  super.  I started her back on her ear infection antibiotics with hope that is what is wrong with her, but really it is her general disposition.  she didn’t get it from me or RKY, but somehow we were blessed with a ‘spirited’ toddler anyway.  I complain but I love her to no end.

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