oh no! my gumballs!

Leaving for Indiana in an hour.  Everything in my body still feels out of whack.  I hate you body.  Got ultrasounds on my IT band and adjusted the past two days.  Sometimes I think the adjustments make me feel worse.

I’m supposed to be carbo loading but for some reason I was unloading into the toilet yesterday morning.  Hopefully that was just food poisoning.  I mean, I ate KFC the night before, I knew what the risks were.

The Dr decided that Red had enough of a soft spot left that they could do an ultrasound instead.  So that is what they did.  But it was still awful and RKY will probably be sore from trying to hold her down.  He held her upper body and I held her lower as she cried herself into a tizzy and tried to kick the sonographer or whatever she’s called.  They gave her three stickers and kicked us out ASAP.  The radiologist said everything looked good but he will look closer and give a full report to the doc.

So either I will run a marathon on Saturday, or I will sob in my car all the way back to Iowa.  The choice is yours, body

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