I’m gonna kick your butt! Not that I’m thinking of butts..

I’m going to put this nicely.  I am in a poop mood today.  This past weekend was odd.  Red had a terrible day on Saturday, fit after fit after fit.  She even got mad at my dad and threw her pacifier down their hallway then chased after it and flung herself on the floor in a fit of rage.  It was actually pretty hilarious, but it stopped being funny after her 5th meltdown of the day.  She also pretty much ruined my nephew’s party during the 40 minutes we were there.  I chalked it up to her having awoken at 6:30.  She was fine yesterday, pretty fun except before and right after her nap. 

Today was her 18 month check up.  It went about as well as I expected.  We left with her red faced, sobbing and hiccuping.  The doctor is so nice, but she hates his guts.  Anyway, two things came out of that appointment.  One, she has a  mild ear infection, so that may explain some of Saturday.  Two, her head is at the 99.6 percentile which means she needs to have CAT scan to make sure there is no fluid on her brain.  Because my family is full of giant heads (and brains 🙂 ) I am not too worried.  Even if there is excess fluid, it is treatable.

In running news, I feel pretty terrible.  Everything was la di da I’m going to PR about 2 weeks ago.  Then my knee went wonky again, but in a different way.  In a more painful way than usual.  I have been doing everything I can to get it back to normal.  I only ran 4 days last week.  I have been running slower and shorter, missed my last “long run” of 8 miles.  I finally ran 5 last night but it was not pain free.  Then I foam rolled, iced, used k tape, put a topical pain reliever on it, and took 2 ibuprofen.  I ran again this morning and went through the same routine.  I am also wearing a compression knee sleeve and have an appointment with the chiro tomorrow because something is out in my back.  Im hoping she will fix it and it will fix my knee pain and i will kiss her on the lips.  But that probably won’t happen. 

So, the marathon on Saturday… yes I am still planning on running it.  I have no idea what my goal will be.  The weather will be in the 30s so that will be another strike against me.  Maybe i won’t run all of it.  It’s a low key event, so I could easily skip out and call it a long run or whatever.  There are two more marathons in the area in April and May, so maybe it would be for the best anyway.  Blah

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