I’m not jealous! I’M WEIRD!


Today is a much needed rest day for my legs.  I slept in until 6:20 when Red woke up.  Whaaa?  She doesn’t go to bed until 9 and usually sleeps until 8.  Oh well.  It was still an extra hour of sleep.

The blizzard has begun, schools have been dismissed and I’m hoping we get to leave work early.  I’m already worried about getting in my long run on Friday because it’s supposed to snow again and temps will be low enough that none of this shiz is gonna melt.  I can treadmill it if need be but man, I hope not.  Running on snow can be fun, but after a few days it gets sloshy and/or icy when it refreezes.  After my wrist spraining tumble earlier this month, I’m not taking any chances. 

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