You stay away from that! Do not do Tier 15!

My legs feel tired.  It’s a good tired, not a walk like an ailing penguin tired.  No soreness, but when I sit down the legs sigh ahhhh.

I ran 19 two weeks ago and 20 one week ago, so this week I got to cut back.  I ran 11.5 yesterday and 10 today.  Of course these are all treadmill miles thanks to “Winter storm Q.”  Whatever that means.  Round two comes tomorrow night.

I didn’t think I’d make it through last week because I started to feel sickly again, but I somehow vanquished it with OTC meds and sheer will power.  Just one more 20 miler on Friday and then I can taper.

I am manning a booth at a junior high career fair tomorrow and I fear that I may be the loser group of the bunch.  Come join my dying profession!  It’s all nerds and old ladies, you’ll love it! I only know one librarian as crazy as this bitch







No wait, I know two…nope three.  At least three crazies.

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