My nephew Jim was born on the treadmill at Bally Total Fitness; 20% incline

I think the groundhog is a flippin liar.  Spring has never felt further away. I’ll send the corgis to Puxatawnee to take care of that lil bastard.

Yesterday I ran 8 fast miles on the treadmill in my new Altras.  I actually did 6 x 800 at 6:40 pace and recovered at 7:30s.  I don’t usually get that technical with my runs and I usually will attempt to do Yassos but give up about half way through.  I think you’re supposed to do 10 Yasso 800s during peak training but that doesn’t appeal to me.    Apparently my new shoes make me slap my feet against the belt loudly because both Red and RKY were awoken by the house shaking.  That and my treadmill gets real whiney when I crank it up past 8.5 mph.  So do I, so who can blame it?

I really liked running in my new shoes but I did get blisters on the bottom of my feet and my calves are sore.  I thought my Nike Frees had prepared me for “barefoot running.”  I will have to slowly break the shoes and my body into it.   My legs were tired and sore, so I wore my Brooks for today’s run.  I have been taking too many breaks on the mill lately but I get bored.  I did 3 miles then did some arm curls, did 2.5 and then did some shoulder presses, and then finished with two miles and some overhead weight move thingy.   I think the weather’s only going to get worse as the week goes on, so I’d better come up with some more treadmill distractions.

I was watching the New Normal while I ran and had to turn it off about  half way through.  Their dog died.  I will NOT see any movie or read any book in which a dog dies.  You couldn’t pay me enough money to watch Marley and Me.  I’ve only had two dogs put down in my life and those were the worst days ever.  I know I’ll have similar days in the future, but I try really hard not to think about them.   Unfortunately my imagination is quite morbid and pessimistic in the strangest ways possible.


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