Come to my macaroni party then we’ll take a nap

Shmowzow.  It was 55 degrees on my lunch break.  Now it’s in the 20s and snowing like a beast.  Of course today was my rest day, so I missed running in the 40s this morning.  Rest of the week looks to be worse.

So I did my twenty miler yesterday and I didn’t feel like complete ass when I finished.  I even added an extra .5.  The run didn’t start out so well.  I went outside to run and the temp was around 10, probably around 0 with wind chill.  I wore capris because my shins never get cold but this time…they got cold.  My face was pissed at me for not wearing a full on face mask.  I ran 6 outside and then came in on hopped on the treadmill.  I warmed up and felt good running on it and catching up with The Office.  (what is going on with Jim and Pam? 😦 )  Then I decided to head back out because the sun was out, so it would be warmer.  WRONG.  It was no warmer.  The cold shocked my comfy muscles but I forced myself into a 4 mile loop before heading back in and finishing the last 5 miles on the mill.  My knee didn’t hurt at all.  Didn’t even feel stiff.  Maybe there’s something to this foam rolling thing. 

Yesterday was also our 9 year anniversary.  My mom had already had her share of babysitting while I went to trivia on Saturday, so we hung out with the kid all day.  Went to Red Robin so she could scarf down a burger (her favorite food).  Got some groceries and clothes at Target and then just hung out all day.  Red did not nap.  I really needed her to after that 20 miles, but she didn’t.  She fell asleep around 8:30 which is 30 minutes earlier than normal, so we got to watch two reruns of Castle instead of just one before I passed out on the couch. 

Today I got two running goodies from UPS.  Hanson’s Marathon Method and my new Altras!  I was so excited, I put them on during my lunch break and wore them back to work.  Still wearing them.  Can’t wait to run in them tomorrow.  

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