Put it in a letter, Jane Austen!

Well it’s V-day, the least exciting holiday of the year.  St. Patty’s is a close 2nd, but at least green is my favorite color.

My past week of running has been decent.  I still have wonky knee.  That is the technical term I believe.  I have come to accept that I will live with wonky knee the rest of my life.  I did, however, buy a massage roller thingy so I can roll my IT band.  Tater thinks it is a giant chew toy so he carries it around if I leave it on the floor.  Yes I leave a lot of things on the floor because our entire house is one giant play room.

I ran 19 miles on Saturday.  I considered making it 20, but I really wanted to force myself to do 20 this weekend so I held off.  Not really looking forward to that because the weather is supposed to take a turn for the freezing cold again.  My most exciting run was on Sunday when I fell super hard, scraped my knee, sprained my wrist, and did NOT break my phone this time.  My wrist is seriously sprained though.  Got it xrayed, splinted up, and Naproxened.  The Naproxen is really helping my knee too so BONUS.

This morning I planned on doing a short fast run.  I did 5k in 21 minutes.  Not exactly as fast as I wanted to.  The first mile took me a while to get warmed up but the last two were around 6:30s, so good enough.  My cooldown was me dancing to 2 songs on my iPod

My tax returns were deposited in my account so I really need to get going on those plane tickets to NYC.  I also have two hotels booked, so I need to cancel one.  Instead of doing important things like that, I took Red to Toys R Us and bought her a bunch of new toys.  She is mostly into the Magnadoodle but I keep stealing it and doodling funny sketches and dirty words to show to RKY.

I was also supposed to go to book club last night but I skipped because my social anxiety was making my stomach do flips.  I’m on Librium for that but apparently it’s not working..  I will have to accept my “hermit with a wonky knee” status for life

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