I’m not using that sucky pickaxe

So strep throat sucks.  Hadn’t had that shit since elementary school.  I’m allergic to most antibiotics so I ended up with Levaquin which makes joints hurt.  Fun.

The past few days with Red have been really fun and easier than it had been for a long time.  I’m hoping we turned a corner there, but really she will probably be possessed by demons tonight just because I mentioned it.

So no long run was done over the weekend and my 55 mile week turned into 35.  This week will be my big 55 if I can stay healthy.  My weird foot pain was bothering me even after my three days off so I mentioned it to my chiro.  She adjusted my foot, which luckily was still clean from my morning shower.  I also switched back to using my Brooks Pureflows and so far so good.  Maybe chiros aren’t all quackadoodles.

Eased back into running with 5.5 on the treadmill Sunday.  I ran 10 yesterday and 8 today, the majority of which was outdoors.  Yesterday’s run was fun and easy.  Today I was really struggling still at mile 3.  I was very aware of any pain in my foot, the sidewalks seemed extra icy, and I am running with my monthly visitor so my stomach felt like garbage.  It was one of those “OMG I never want to run a marathon because these 3 miles are so hard” runs.  I pushed through and did my eight for the day.  Maybe it just took me 4 miles to warmup.  It wasn’t THAT cold though, probably around 20.

I took my little chunky monkey Tater Tot to the vet on Friday for his yearly exam.

Cost me $250 bucks to find out that he’s fine, lost 2 pounds, and WILL snap if you stick something in his butt.

I’m so bored lately.  No races til March.  Still trying to work out travel details for NYC half.

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