You can’t fire me, I’m dead!

Welp, my legs were begging for a rest today.   I guess, no, I know that I pushed my easy runs too hard.  Monday I did a tough ten at 7:30 pace.  Tuesday I did a tempo run but my tempos are really my “run as fast as you can so you can get this thing over with” runs.  So I ran 8 miles at 7:03 pace.  Wednesday was an easy day but I still ran 7:40s for 7 miles.  I’m not good as this recovery thing.  Always in a rush.  Yesterday I did 10 K at 7:20 pace.  I really need to get some 8 min + miles in there which is easier to do when I’m outside instead of on my comfy treadmill.

I’ve got 28 total miles to run this weekend, so I suppose my 2nd rest day this week is for the best.  I’m going to force my cozy ass to go outside for most of them.  I’m not a fan of tights so I wear sweatpants that get really wet on the inside and then I get freezing cold.  Makes sense to sacrifice warmth for vanity.  Except at night when I am trying to woo RKY in flannel pajamas and a blanket cape.

Outside of running, not much new is happening.  Red is still being a terror.  We had a semi-disasterous trip to Target with Red refusing to be buckled in the cart

Bedtime is especially difficult when both of us are home.  It must excite her that mom and dad are both around.  It excites me too until she stays up too late and then I crash on the couch before we get any alone time.  Last night went find because RKY worked.  We went to story time which is really run around and climb on the chairs at the library time.  But that’s how all the <2 yr olds are.  Spent the rest of night reading and bathing.  If only I had a night to read what I want to read and take a long bath.

Finally getting back on my anxious stomach meds.  I’m hoping this will cure my social anxiety.

Not that I’m ever social.  But just in case.

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